It gives us great pleasure to introduce you all to one of our favorite “mom-preneur”, Elizabeth Barbour this week! Elizabeth is an incredible life & business coach who helps women find and maintain sanity in the chaotic world of balancing work, life and family. 


Dive in to learn more about Elizabeth and her incredible community of Successful Women in Business for women who live & work in Sienna Plantation, Missouri City & the Sugar Land area.


Name : Elizabeth Barbour
Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Sugar Land area?
I grew up in Ridgefield, Connecticut but I’ve moved more than a dozen times. We moved to Texas from Tallahassee, Florida in 2012.
Child(ren) & Age(s): a daughter, Riley, age 8
One thing about living in the Sugar Land area that has surprised you the most:
We love the diversity of the people and the food is amazing!
What is your favorite place to grab a bite in town?
Thai Cottage, Fadi’s, Guru Burger, Corelli’s, Off the Vine Bistro, Brandani’s and Texas Biergarten are some of our favorites! (I couldn’t pick just one!)
Favorite things to do/shops to visit in Sugar Land?
(Basically anything that you absolutely adore that is local!)We love hiking around the lake at Cullinan Park. Of course it’s fun to have dinner in Sugar Land town square, have ice cream afterwards and then listen to the various music concerts!
Favorite memory or story that involves being in Sugar Land?
My mom died in 2016 but she lived here for three years near us while battling her cancer through the help of MDAnderson. When she was feeling well, we would have Grandma, Mommy and Riley lunch dates and we would go to Dillard’s to buy Riley a fancy Easter or Christmas dress and then we’d make the obligatory stop at Talbot’s, my mom’s favorite store. We usually had lunch at Black Walnut Café. I miss those times together now that she’s gone.
Tell us about your career and how you got involved in it.
I’ve been a life & business coach since 2000 and I have clients all over the US. I help busy professional women find and maintain sanity in the chaotic world of balancing work, family and life! I speak to corporate women’s groups, local networking organizations and non-profits on the importance of smart self-care to achieve work/life balance. I also facilitate a local networking group for women in business called SWIB (Successful Women in Business). We meet on the 3rd Monday of every month in Sugar Land or Missouri City. Anyone is welcome to visit!
One piece of advice you would want to share with moms.
Self-care is not a luxury. It’s a necessity for vibrant living. Have you ever heard of the saying “If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”? I think it’s so true. When moms take time to nurture themselves, they’re happier, healthier and better able to care for their families and be successful at work.
What’s the happiest moment of your life?
When we got the phone call at 4:00 a.m. telling us about a healthy baby girl born at our local hospital and were we interested in an open adoption? Absolutely YES! We had struggled with infertility for 5 ½ years and desperately wanted children. The friend who called was our Earth Angel and our little Riley was an answer to our prayers!
What worries you the most right now?
The lack of civil discourse in our country. People seem to be so divided due to our current political climate. But if you talk to people – on all parts of the spectrum – we all want the same thing – to have good jobs, care for our families, enjoy our lives. I intentionally talk with people with different political beliefs than my own so I can try to understand all points of view.
What’s the funniest thing about being a parent?
The silly things my daughter will say. The other day we were talking about the difference between years, decades and centuries. She asked me if Jesus was born in 1985. I had a good laugh over that one!
Who is the most influential person in your life?
My daughter. She’s my greatest teacher. She reminds me to play more, be fully present and savor life completely. I didn’t become a mother until I turned 41. God knew I wasn’t ready for her until then!
What brings you the most joy right now?
Finding the right balance between doing work I love helping people live extraordinary lives AND making time with my family and friends a priority.
If you could change one thing about Sugar Land, what would it be?
Keep the gorgeous weather from November – May but skip the miserably hot summer months!

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