We’re so happy to feature Mattie Givens in our Meet a Mom series this week. This local mama of two is a Houston-native who moved to Sienna Plantation in 2018 and loves raising her little ones in the ‘burbs! While not busy with her career in HR, Mattie curates a blog called Growing the Givens about life with her husband, whom she met in preschool! Read on to learn more about this beautiful mama!


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Sugar Land area?

I am a born and raised Houstonian and grew up in the Bellaire/West U area. My husband and I bought our first house in Meyerland, but decided it was time to move after flooding twice. I moved to Sienna Plantation in January of 2018, and we have been so happy with our new neighborhood! 


Children & Ages:

Kinsley (2.5) and Kyle (1 month!) 


One thing about living in the Sugar Land area that has surprised you the most:

I knew about this fact coming into it, but I love the diversity of the Sugar Land area! Fort Bend county is the most diverse county in the country and I love that my kids will grow up being exposed to so many different cultures and walks of life. 


What is your favorite place to grab a bite in town?

We love Brandani’s Burgers, Tacos & Brews! Such a great spot to go with kids. 


Favorite things to do/shops to visit in Sugar Land?

(Basically, anything that you absolutely adore that is local!)
We love Sugar Land Town Square and all that it has to offer. The Christmas Tree lighting event there is becoming one of our favorite family traditions. Going to watch the Skeeters play at Constelation Field is also a big win for our family. Especially when the weather is nice! 


Favorite memory or story that involves being in Sugar Land?

My husband spent part of his childhood in Sugar Land and loves that we live in the area now. But that means everytime we drive down Highway 6, we take a trip down memory lane and he points out all of the spots that he used to frequent as a kid! “That is the McDonald’s we used to go to after baseball games, and used to be a Chuck E Cheese where I played a ton of skee ball, and that is the..”. It is fun to get to experience some of those fun memories with him again. 


Tell us about your career and how you got involved in it.

I run a lifestyle blog called Growing the Givens. What started as a way for me to chronicle our journey through a tough year, has turned into a resource site for ambitious women looking for help to get it all done. I help busy moms set better goals and time management strategies for both their work and personal lives. I also work full time in HR and love that blogging allows me to continue to help people outside of the workplace. 


One piece of advice you would want to share with moms.

You can’t do it all and do it all well. Find the things you are great at and focus on using those skills to the best of your ability. Don’t feel guilty about not being Class Mom if your gifts don’t involve hospitality. We all have unique characteristics that make us perfect for our own special purpose.


What’s the happiest moment of your life?

It is hard to pick just one moment, but I tend to find that I am the happiest in the most mundane times. Like when my husband and I are driving to church and our toddler starts singing “You are my sunshine”, or we we are sitting on our back patio as a family letting the kids blow bubbles. For me, it is more about the small things. 

What worries you the most right now?

My biggest worry for the future is figuring out how to parent in this technology filled world we life it. There are a lot of conveniences that technology brings us but I don’t really know how to handle it with kids. When do we get them cell phones? How do we make the internet safe for them? There are a lot of unknowns there and it definitely concerns me. 


What’s the funniest thing about being a parent?

The fact that I have no idea what I am doing usually makes me laugh at times when I am trying to discipline my toddler. If she only knew how much I was winging it, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with her! 


Who is the most influential person in your life?

My mom. My mom started her own company at 26 and ran it for 32 years. She is hands down the most generous person I know, and she has also never met a stranger. She also never missed a dance recital or a football game and always came running whenever we needed her. 


What brings you the most joy right now?

At this moment in time, our friends and community are bringing me the most joy. With a newborn, everything gets a little more hectic and we are blessed to have awesome friends who bring food and helping hands without us having to ask. 


If you could change one thing about Sugar Land, what would it be?

There really isn’t much to complain about living in this area, but if we could find some way to make Highway 6 a little less congested that would be awesome!

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