For this edition of Meet a Mom, we’re beyond thrilled to feature one of the sweetest Houston mom bloggers in the world, Michelle Hammons from Beauty Life Coach. Learn all about this gorgeous mama of three and how her path from speech therapy led her to become one of Houston’s most influential content creators! 


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Houston area?

I am originally from Amarillo Texas, and we moved to the Houston area whenever I was 12. We have lived in the Houston area ever cents, and I absolutely have fallen in love with the culture, and the people. I’m so thankful to be a part of such an amazing community.


Children & Ages:

A little background on our precious children, we adopted our son three years ago, then miraculously found out that we were pregnant nine days after he moved in, and then miraculously we got pregnant again when my daughter was 15 months. So now, I have three beautiful children!! Our story is that a testimony of God’s faithfulness! Our handsome son Jayden is 8,  our sweet daughter McKenna is 2 and our precious newborn baby girl Kyleigh, is 8 weeks old.

Favorite thing about the Sugar Land area?

Since I don’t live specifically in Sugar Land I live in the surrounding areas, my favorite thing to do is to visit my friends and go shop and eat at local restaurants!! We love to try new cuisine’s, coffee shops, and of course dessert places.


Favorite memory or story that involves being in Sugar Land?

My favorite memory that was made in Sugar Land, happened at my first GLAM Guide (Gather. Laugh. take Action. be Motivated) Event With the support, love, and help of so many amazing women and my wonderful family, I was able to see my dream, become a reality at Noah’s event venue in Sugarland Texas. Women everywhere came for the ultimate girls night out where they were empowered, rejuvenated, and refreshed as they shopped our amazing vendors, ate wonderful cuisine, built community, networked, and learned from our inspiring keynote speakers and panel.

Tell us about your career and how you got involved in it.

I feel so thankful that I get to do my career full-time, plus I get to stay home with my babies and work on our other businesses as well. I am a Certified Life Coach, a Motivational speaker, and also running my blog and social media platforms at  My husband and I also own two businesses, a shipping container business and a real estate investing business. 

I went to school at U of H to become a speech therapist, and I practice as a speech therapist for seven years. In the middle of that career, I started my masters in psychology but then didn’t feel like it was the right fit for me and it led me on a search to find out more information out about becoming a certified life coach. I became a certified life coach in 2011 and that year I also became the spokesperson for anti-bullying organization called Medal of Integrity where we traveled to schools all over Texas teaching kids, young adults, and teachers and the power of living with integrity. I was then asked to speak At seminars, workshops, conferences of all sizes, as the keynote speaker, the host, moderator, And panelist.

After giving my life the Lord at 17, I knew that my mission and my destiny was to equip, empower, and instill the truth in women everywhere that they are ALL created on purpose, for an amazing purpose and to give them the tools, strategies, and confidence they need to follow their dream. Passionately inspiring women to know their worth, purpose, and identity!

Therefore, this is how Beauty Life Coach was born. After praying, Researching, learning from the mistakes of others and facing fear, I started. Beauty Life Coach as an innovative tool to Build community, bring women together, empower and propel women to follow their dreams and instill acceptance, Love and Hope in everyone who joins the community.

One piece of advice you would want to share with moms.

Gorgeous and Courageous mamas! You are more than equipped to accomplish the task ahead!! Live your life with others in mind. Not allowing your dream or your goal to get in the way of doing good and showing love to everyone you meet.

Write down Your dreams, short term and long term goals, and the steps you were going to take daily to make them a reality.  I heard an amazing quote the other day, dreams are not achieved with one grand gesture, but instead by your daily routine. Know why you What to start a blog, lose weight, start a business, write a book, or pursue a new career. When you know your “why” You will not give up when you have a challenging moments or days. 

Give yourself Grace and time to accomplish the goals that you have set. And never compare your self to others, that is the greatest and quickest way to lose Joy.  Become a life long learner. Read books, listen to podcast, watch YouTube videos, take a class and get out if your comfort zone to learn from people who have gone before you!


What’s the happiest moment of your life?

The happiest moment In my life happened when I gave my life to Jesus, when I got married, and the past three years of having three kiddos in three years.

What brings you the most joy right now?

The things that bring me the most right now are seeing my sweet babies learn new things, try new things, face fears, and grow into their amazing personalities!

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