We’re so excited to be partnering with SwimLabs, a new swim school in Sugar Land, to talk about pool safety. With summer in full swing, there’s no better time than now to refresh your own safety protocols. Dive in to read some great safety tips from SwimLabs Sugar Land and anyone who registers by 06/30/19 will get 20% off their first 8 weeks of lessons (valued at $35)!


SwimLabs’ training facilities are indoors and offer small, warm-water pools specially designed with 360-degree video feedback technology that lets swimmers of all ages and abilities instantly view their own strokes, correct or enhance their form, adjust their technique and master their skills. Swimmers have the ability to compare their strokes against elite U.S. Olympic swimmers including Missy Franklin, Cullen Jones, Kara Lynn Joyce, Chloe Sutton and U.S. Olympic triathlete medalist Susan Williams!


So dive in to learn about the essential pool safety tips you need to practice this summer and help keep your little ones safe!


1) Parents and caregivers should be advised to never- even for a moment- leave young children alone or in the care of another young child while in or near bathtubs, pools, spas, wading pools, irrigation ditches ponds or other open standing water.


Sugar Land2) Parents and caregivers must be aware of drowning risks associated with hazards in the home, including infant bath seats, toilets and containers filled with water. Properly educate your children on these dangers.


3) Supervision of children in and around the water must be close, constant and attentive. Keep your eyes on them at all times.


4) Parents, caregivers and pool owners should learn CPR.Sugar Land


5) Children and parents need to learn to swim. Basic water competency swim skills include ability to enter the water, surface, turn around, propel oneself for at least 25 yards and then exit the water.


6) All children and adolescents should be required to wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets whenever they are in or on watercraft, and all adults should wear life jackets when boating to model safe behavior and to facilitate their ability to help their child in case of emergency. Small children and non-swimmers should wear life jackets when they are near water and when swimming.


7) Keep your pool cover is in good shape. Get defects repaired immediately.


8) Try to keep an emergency kit on hand at all times and include a reach tool, first aid kit, CPR instructions, a personal flotation device and a pair of scissors to cut hair, clothing, or a pool cover if needed.


9) Consider install a high fence encircling the pool and use self-closing and self-latching gates.


10) Establish clear rules with your child for when they’re in and around a pool. 

Sugar landJoin SwimLabs on June 22nd at 2745 Town Center Blvd for their grand opening where there will be giveaways, snacks, face painting, balloon twisting, demos and tours of the facility. Plus special appearances & entertainment by The Little Mermaid and Moana!

Register before 06/30/19 to get 20% off your first 8 weeks of lessons! 


Sugar Land residents and owners Angela and Mehdi Balouchestani are parents and educators. Angela taught elementary education in Houston area schools and technology education at a private school in Sugar Land. Mehdi is a professor of computer science at American InterContinental University in Houston.

According to Angela and Mehdi, “Our son almost drowned when he was one year old. It was the scariest moment of our lives. Given that experience, we wanted to ensure the children in our community had an opportunity to learn how to swim and be safe in the water. Plus, we can combine our passions of technology and teaching”.


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