Carrie Lindsey

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived (or worked) in Texas?

I’m originally from San Diego…but I’ve been in Texas for 15 years and Texas is definitely home!


Two kids – a 10-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. We’ve also got two dogs, a horse, and two donkeys! The horse and donkeys don’t live at our home, though.

One thing about living or working here that has surprised you the most?

I love how excited Texans get about Texas! I loved growing up in California, but there’s a pride that comes with living in Texas that is very unique.

Can you provide me with a description of your business?

Our business started with my blog (, but today it includes not only the blog but also a planner shop (! We create beautiful and functional planning products in our Wylie, Texas headquarters. We run our business almost entirely online but also attend vendor events or conferences. I also just wrote a book about vision boards and planning, and I teach planning, vision boarding, and small business workshops around the country!

How long have you been in business?

We officially went into business in 2014.


What made you decide to be an entrepreneur and open your own business?

It was an organic path that led me here. I think I always had an entrepreneurial spirit as a kid, but it wasn’t until I left the corporate world after my daughter was born that I really started to acknowledge that skill set. I started taking my blog more seriously in 2012, and that led me down a road of creating that had been missing in my life. I made my first Meal Planner in 2014 and listed it on Etsy. To my surprise, it sold within a few hours. I feel like that was a pivotal moment!

What do you enjoy the most about running a business?

I love seeing my ideas come to life. I also love that we are so involved in our community – we hire several local moms and work with local vendors whenever possible.

Have you always been entrepreneurial and a risk-taker?

Entrepreneurial, yes – risk-taker, not so much! When my husband left his full-time job in the tech industry to work with me in 2014, it was definitely a risk…but sometimes things just feel right.

What did you used to do before you opened your own business?

Before I moved to Texas, I taught horseback riding lessons! I somehow found myself working in the insurance industry once I moved here, though – I was a group benefits insurance broker!

Why is your place of business different from the rest?

We strive to work with local vendors and touch every product ourselves before it gets shipped out. We also offer super flexible hours (most of our employees work at night, after their husbands get home
from work and the kids are down for the night). We also pride ourselves on customer service and quality products.

Favorite place to grab a bite in Dallas?

I love Kenny’s Woodfired Grill in Addison.

How do you unwind after a long week of adult-ing?

I love to spend time outside, visiting my horse or just being alone in nature.

What would be one fun fact that would surprise people about you?

I’m not organized!! And I have no design experience (and my husband had zero printing experience until a few years ago). I’ve had to teach myself everything and learn lots of lessons the hard way. Everything I make comes from a place of need in my own life. I’m kind of a hot mess over here.

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