Cara McGarrah
Where are you from originally and how long have you lived (or worked) in the Houston/Sugar Land area?
I grew up in Sugar Land and went to Clements High School. Shortly after graduating from UT, my husband and I moved back to the Houston area and have been here ever since!
We have a spunky, seven-year-old daughter named Aria and a sweet, newborn boy named Tanner.
One thing about living or working here that has surprised you the most?
I have been really surprised by how many local business owners we have in the Houston area! The number of people daring enough to carve their own path has truly been inspiring to me. Also, the sense of community and collaboration among Houston business owners is something that I never expected but very much appreciate!
Can you provide me with a description of your business?
Dreamland Entertainment is a company dedicated to providing quality entertainment for family and child-centered events. We provide princess party performances, interactive DJs, face painters, balloon twisters, stilt walkers, seasonal characters, and so much more. We do all kinds of events from birthday parties and school bashes to HOA events and business openings! Our goal is to provide the highest quality in the Houston area for the most affordable price.
How long have you been in business?
This is our second year in business, and we have already been very blessed to work with many amazing organizations and clients!
What made you decide to open your own business?
Until I opened my own company, I had worked in children’s entertainment as a princess performer, DJ, mascot character, and face painter at a number of companies around the Houston area. I inevitably found myself taking on additional responsibilities: handling costume care, styling wigs, training performers, and managing a lot of client relationships. Over those five years, I had several performers approach me and urge me to start my own company. I think at the end of 2017, something just clicked, and I decided it was time. I have always been very goal oriented, and I enjoy taking on new challenges. With the encouragement of those around me, I felt like it was time to take a gamble on myself and branch out!
What do you enjoy about running a business?
I really do enjoy the positive words from our clients! I think that those words of affirmation might be one of my greatest motivators. I take a lot of pride knowing that the client has been happy with our response time, customer services, and of course, performance. I also enjoy being a company that performers want to work with. I have had the blessing of meeting a lot of fabulous performers, and I feel like all of them are my teammates that want to see Dreamland Entertainment grow.
Have you always been entrepreneurial and a risk-taker?
Definitely not! I have been involved in musical theatre on a professional level since childhood, but my career trajectory ten years ago was very different and much more science oriented. I think my experience in this industry and the support I received from others were the catalysts for me to take a risk on myself.
What did you used to do before you opened your own business?
I have been mostly performing and taking care of my daughter since I graduated from UT. In addition to performing, I also choreograph and teach dance. I have two agents for film acting, Callidus Agency in Dallas and iSubmit in Atlanta, and I audition for TV/film/commercial work when it comes in.
Why is your place of business different from the rest?
I think I have a unique advantage being both a mom and a performer. I have performed about a thousand shows and worked with several companies, so I have a lot of experience in this market as a performer and a lot of insight from seeing different business styles. From my experience as a parent, I am very plugged in to both what is interesting to kids right now and what is desired as a parent or organizer planning an event.
We also really do provide the best quality for the most affordable pricing. Our costuming is top of the line. Our performers are hand selected, seasoned performers in the Houston area, and our shows are crafted to meet the needs of the parents and event organizers.
Favorite place to grab a bite in Sugar Land?
For a date out to eat, Bella Green. For a fast grab in between shows, Zoes. For my favorite place of all, my mom’s house.
How do you unwind after a week of adulting?
Nowadays it is rare for me to find much time to unwind between the business, performing, and kids. But when I do, I have some strong go-tos!

  1. Family game night with my husband’s family and a bottle of Pinot Grigio; or
  2. Wait till the kids are asleep, keep the drinks virgin, and go out dancing at Studio 80 in Clear Lake (we dance so hard, all we can drink is water!)

What would be one fun fact that would surprise people about you?
I do have quite a few fun ones, but you have to buy me coffee first! In the meantime, I will go with: I can lick my elbow!

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