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Coding. Game Design. 3D Printing and Digital Storytelling. A summer camp harnesses all that’s cool about technology and offers it up in a two-week summer camp. The University of Houston at Sugar Land hosts the Second Annual ITECH STEM Camp June 3-14 where students will create digital stories, learn how to code, study animation and gaming and build 3D models. Students also will do experiments about robotics and virtual reality.



Innovative Technology Challenges for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (ITECH-STEM) is sponsored by UH STEM Center, hosted at UH at Sugar Land, and directed by faculty at Department of Curriculum & Instruction.


The main purpose of ITECH-STEM is to develop an innovative program promoting/teaching computer science (CS) and technology topics that are popular and emerging with STEM focus. The iTECH-STEM involves following Domains:

Digital Storytelling
Programming and Coding

Optional Extended Day classes: Virtual Reality, Sounds of STEM, Robotics


DATE: June 3 thru June 14, 2019


TIME: 9:00 – 12:30, Monday-Friday, for 2 weeks, optional extended hours are available until 3 pm.


Fee: $400 per child. Includes all courses, materials and snacks. Discounts for siblings, teachers and UH employees.

Academic and Research Project: Unlike for-profit or business minded camps, this a university based academic and research project with the end goal of receiving National Science Foundation grant funding.
Camp Staff: Camp is designed by professors in Department of Curriculum and Instruction with expertise in STEM, Art Education, Teaching and Learning, Computer Science, and Instructional Technology. Camp instructors and mentors are undergraduate and doctoral students who have experience in STEM and teaching.
Small group instruction: Unlike traditional class size of 1 teacher to 24 students, we have small group instruction. Students are assigned to small groups of 5-7 with an Instructional Assistant and Mentor (IAM) as their teacher. This allows our IAMs to pay individual attention to each child and work with them together to complete hands-on projects. Our campers learn fast and efficiently in this format.
Innovative Philosophy to Teaching STEM: The activities in this project are intended to ensure students will go beyond assuming a passive student role; hands-on skills will be provided by mentors and STEM experts.
Interdisciplinary Approach: Students learn skills in all camp domains with an Interdisciplinary Approach. This approach allows students to apply their skills in all four domains by working on the same project. For example, students start designing a “fidget spinner” prototype in STEM-ART lab by learning how a fidget spinner works, drawing and making a model. Then, they move on to 3D-PRINTING LAB and create a 3D Model of their design and print their models. The next step would be creating a game or animation project in the CODING class where they can show how a fidget spinner works, Finally, in DIGITAL STORYTELLING class, they write a story, script, and produce a video by using pictures of their project steps, recording their voice, and narrating their story. The story can contain information about the science behind the fidget spinners, history of spinners, and how they created this project.



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